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Derailed Freight Train

Derailed Freight Train

Limited edition CD pressing

Derailed Freight Train "The Vanishing Point" CD, only 100 printed, comes with special link to download another Derailed Freight Train album, "Modern Ham Shack" for free!!. 
Also includes immediate download of 15-track album in your choice of 320k mp3, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire.

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ships within 2 days
edition of 100


Gig Hitao's picture

I am interested in working with you to make your next music video.  Please check out my website.  

I'd like to come and watch you play.  When is the next time you will be in Sonoma County?

illpropaganda's picture

The Vanishing Point is an excellent album!

"Two Steps Back ", "Dreary ", "The Doctor is Out",
"Castaway", "I Give Up ", "My Luv", "Someone's
Frozen the Sun" and the epic title track are
truly standouts!

Influences shine through in completely original ways!

Everyone should hear this album!

Derailed Freight Train's picture

Thanks, Ill!  My props cup runneth over!  Cheers!

amywamie's picture

Im with iLL on this one...frucking srope sraucce...a lyrical, beatiful dream hole in an albrum....more prease 

derailed freight train's picture


amywamie's picture

don't you mrean brush? 

derailed freight train's picture

actually, i meant "blrush"... sorry..