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Decent Criminal

Decent Criminal
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It all started 2004, with Hunter Martinez on drums and Cody Fleischmann on guitar, which was known as the band Mutiny. Ben was twittling his fingers or something and Tommy was living his life as a big bad sophmore. Hunter joined Redundant Youth eventually, and Cody with his long lost partner in crime Ben Wright went through a series of unfortunate bands, including some crappy band which was left nameless, and the late but not great (it was aiiight) Blacklisted. In early 2007, the power trio of Hunter Martinez, Cody Fleischmann and Ben Wright began to jam after the disappointing break up of Redundant Youth, and the uncompromisable, drama riddled Blacklisted. Now with Hunter on guitar, things began to get serious. Finally, in July of 2008, an old friend of the guys joined the trio, and his name was Tommy Wilson. With the help of their friends, recording bitch, and Alex Martinez the band released a grueling 9 song, 20 minute demo in 2008, in which many religious officials and Ben's relatives frown upon. Now older and wiser, after years of agony, false hope, and bad hang overs provided by long nights at DFP the group has finally developed into its true form. After the falling out of Tommy Wilson and the juggling of bassists for a few months, they have taken in Violation guitarist Tristan Martinez and is now in full swing, defining the sound of which you now know as
Decent Criminal.

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update this!!!!! put up their bandcamp site link!!! 


you can buy their new cd"Maneater" on itunes, and pretty much every other stupid site

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That better?