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Rincon Valley Punk Rock
  • Danny Eosefow: Guitar/vocals
  • Troy Gio: Base/vocals
  • Nick Porter: Drums

Stork is a crispy band from rincon valley. With leads that will make you want to drink beer all night. We like to eat pizza, drink beer, and then get drunk and hit each other with long boards. We just got done recording our 7 song demo, and are in the process of writing more masterpieces. We are giving out copies of the demo for free at all our shows. We're looking for shows, so if you need a band that is shready to take care of business contact Stork and we will rattle your world.

released 01 July 2010



Pabst Girl's picture

You guys are awesome. We fart in your honor and pour beer on our boobies in celebration. When is your next show? Oh yeah, PG.


Poop's picture

R.I.P STORK! Ill always love you guys!