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You Are The Gatekeeper

You Are The Gatekeeper
Carlos and Terrance were raised by gorillas in the jungles of Africa


The full album download comes with original artwork and liner notes including lyrics. 

You Are The Gatekeeper is: Terrance Fleming on drums and Carlos Knoop on vocals and guitar. 

This recording was produced and mixed by Ross Harris. 
Cover art drawn by Lisa Oliver 
Additional mastering and layout assistance from Jeff Mahoney at Burning Token Records, 
Sound Collage at end of track 4 by Alex Kouninos and Ogre Milk 

Carlos and Terrance were raised by gorillas in the jungles of Africa. And one day Carlos was like, "hey, lets start a band." 

And Terrance was like, "OK." 

You Are The Gatekeeper played 3 live shows, and thanks the following bands who played with us: Weirdbeard, the Semi Evolved Simians, Low Five, the Flyover States, Mariposa, Santiago, the Polar Bears, the Aimless Never Miss, Chronic Conditions, Silian Rail, the Good Riddler, and Good City Lie Still. Also, we'd like to thank Burning Token Records, Ross Harris, Side Arm Girl Thrower, Resin8, Alexander Alcantera Alcantra Kouninos, Loop Duplicate / Ogre Milk, the Crux, Snipers, the Boogie Room and Gardens, Selena Wimmer, Jamie-Lynn Fontinot, Pliny the Elder, and Naomi Klein for inspiration. 
Carlos says, "Adios amigos!" 
Terrance says, "Global warming? More like global awesome!"

released 01 June 2009 
Carlos Knoop, Terrance Fleming