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Jesse and Damian Music

Jesse and Damian Music


twisting gargoyle heads 
leaking from walls 
within souls 
cry out 
and whisper 
in consonant 
calls that can 
now be traced back 
to my apartment as I wait for my telephone to 

Apple of Anger 
Turtle of Terror 
Yam of Youth 
Lentil of Love 
BigEagle of Dwayne 

extra note: To create your own Bass-o-blatt, simply attach a clarinet mouthpeice ot a spit-filled broken trumpet, just as we did on teh last track of side one (track 12). You too will have thousands of adoring fans. 

extra bonus note: To maximize the high-fidelity experience of Jesse and Damian Music, we suggest that you play (it on a) type 2 high bias (cassette) tape using a tape deck that isn't a total piece of crap (while eating popsicles) AND USE DOLBY C!!! 

Thank you.
released 14 December 1996 
Damian C. Cohn: Tenor, Alto Saxophone 
(oh-- and guitar, cello, vocals, Honer Bass 5 keyboard, vocals, drums, Fender Rhoads 88, upright bass, piano) 

Jesse Haramati: Bass Fiddle 
(oh-- and piano, violin, banjo, Bass-o-blatt, guitar, cello, toy piano, trumpet) 

All "songs" sprung from the torturned minds of Jesse and Damian with the help of: 

Derek Doss and Purple on "Entering the Saloon", "Ballad of Jesse James" and "Santa Cruz Soiree" 

El Christo Morris on "Helpme Jate" 

Nate Elder on "La Solpista" and "Turtle of Terror" 

Nate Elder, Derek Doss and Jesse Wickman on "Mac and Cheese" and "Meat and Potatoes" 

All songs Copyright 1996 by Nothing's (What?) Hotter Than Steam? Productions 

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